Monday, August 22, 2011

Women in Hebron cooperative + Christian Peacemaker Teams 20-08-2011

Women in Hebron cooperative/Christian Peacemaker Teams 20-08-2011.wmv:

planxtysumoud on Aug 21, 2011

Since its founding eight years ago by Nawal Salameh the Women in Hebron cooperative has burgeoned and now sells the handicrafts of 120 women from eight villages around Hebron in two shops in the souq of the Old City managed by Nawal's sister; Laila. All of the products; kuffiyehs, embroidered dresses, cushions, bags and wall hangings have been handmade by local women, many of whom rely solely on the cooperative for their income. The Christian Peacemaker Teams monitor the activities of the occupation forces in Hebron and elsewhere in the West Bank and intervene when gross abuse is being perpetrated on Palestinians.

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