Monday, August 22, 2011

Daily Life in Hebron: Pedestrian caught between H1, H2, and Israeli military

Pedestrian caught between H1, H2, and Israeli military

22 August 2011 | International Solidarity Movement (ISM)

In Al Khalil, commonly referred to as Hebron, international observers received a call about a man being beaten by Israeli military between the H1 and H2 areas of Hebron. H1 is an area densely populated by about 120,000 Palestinians, while H2 has been taken over through military violence by illegal Israeli settlers.

Witnesses say the man had been detained for about an hour and was pushed against the wall repeatedly. When international observers showed up, the soldiers claimed that the man had refused to be searched although he carried no items on him except a small coin pouch and a cell phone.

The following is a video account of the soldier’s and man following the arrival of international observers.

Pedestrian caught between H1, H2, and Israeli military:

ISMPalestine on Aug 22, 2011

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