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Documentary: Welcome To Hebron

"Welcome to Hebron was filmed during more than three years on location in Hebron, West Bank. Seventeen-year old Leila is a student at the al-Qurtuba-school, a Palestinian girls’ school surrounded by Israeli military installations and settlements. The film shows how the occupation affects everyday life in Hebron. Strong, intelligent, and outspoken, Leila has her own ideas of a daily life free from oppression and violence.

Voted Audience Favorite at Terra di Tutti Film Festival, Bologna, Italy

Terje Carlsson is a freelance journalist based for many years in Jerusalem, working mostly for Swedish National Radio and Television. This is his first full-length documentary and it was broadcasted on Swedish TV (SVT) in February 2008." Boston Palestine Film Festival

[Part 1 of 3] [Press TV Documentary] Welcome To Hebron - Episode 01

This documentary follows a young Palestinian girl who lives in Hebron (al-Khalil). Picturing the experiences of the young girl called Leila, this documentary gives an account of the systemic injustices Palestinians face on daily basis. In three episodes, with each episode being three parts (due to YouTube's video length restrictions).

Episode 1 Part 1

Episode 1 Part 2

Episode 1 Part 3

Episode 2 Part 1

Episode 2 Part 2

Episode 3 Part 1

Episode 3 Part 2

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ISM Video - Settler Attack in Sheikh Jarrah with M-16

Settler Attack in Sheikh Jarrah with M-16

After verbal taunting, a settler in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah left the Gawi house which he and other settlers have occupied since August 2009. He descended the stairs with an M-16 and pushed a teenage boy. When neighborhood adults stepped in to protect the teenager, he pushed Nasser Gawi and then punched him. Seconds later the settler cocked his M-16 and pointed it wildly at the crowd that had gathered. In this video you can clearly see the first punch thrown by the settler and clearly hear the cock of his gun.

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Gaza residents denied eye treatment by Israel

Gaza residents denied eye treatment by Israel

Aid agencies have warned that Israel's blockade of Gaza is putting the health of many Palestinians at risk.

Last week, Israeli authorities have prevented 19 patients from crossing over to Ramallah in the West Bank, which is Palestinian territory, for cornea implants that could save their sight.

Ayman Mohyeldin reports from Gaza on the harmful effects of a blockade that has no end in sight.

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R&R Interview Holocaust Survivor Hajo Meyer

Press TV -Rattansi and Ridley -Hajo Meyer- 01-30-2010

An exclusive interview with Hajo Meyer, Holocaust survivor

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Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem - Spending the Day with Evicted Palestinian Nasir Al-Ghawi - 27.1.10

Part 1 - Sheikh Jarrah - 27.1.10 Spending the day with Nasir Al-Ghawi

We spent the day in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem today. 28 Palestinian refugee families are at the threat of being evicted from their homes to become refugees again. Four families have already been evicted and thrown out on the streets of Sheikh Jarrah by Settlers with the support of the Israeli government - Police and Military involved.

The story of these internally displaced refugees is heartbreaking. Listen to Nasir as he shares with us the background of what is happening in Sheikh Jarrah. Note: Nasir only started learning English 17 months ago, and is a fluent Hebrew speaker as well. A man with many talents he is a graphics designer by profession, but has now made staying outside his own house in a tent his full-time duty. He shares his story with all the visitors, and even attempts to converse with his Occupiers.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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Demonstration in Lydda [Lyd] against home demolitions, 29/01/10

Palestinian citizens of Israel from Lyd protest Israel's criminal policy of home/house demolitions in their city.

Demonstration in Lydda against home demolitions, 29/01/10

Demonstration in Lydda against home demolitions,
organized by the Lydda popular committee and the high follow up committee
of the Arabs of Israel.
In the Arab sector, but most profoundly in the mixed cities such as Lydda (Lyd, Lod) - Arabs are not given building permits, but settlers and ultra-religious Jews are brought in, given land for practically free, and exclusively Jewish neighbourhoods are built. All this is to keep the "demographic balance" at check. The Arab population, having no other alternative, build without permit. Tens of families - hundreds of people - all are Palestinians from Lyd withstand immediate demolition by the state and being thrown to the street.

Video: Gilad LIBERMAN
Stills & editing: Uri ZACKHEM

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

US Congressmen Call for an End to the Israeli Siege on Gaza

Dozens of U.S. Congressmen have called for an end to the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip. 54 U.S. lawmakers have signed a letter asking President Barack Obama to pressure Israel to lift the crippling siege.

[Press TV News] US Congress Members Petition To Lift Gaza Siege - January 30, 2010

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TRNN: Inside Israeli land grabs

Inside Israeli land grabs

The Real News investigates the mechanism by which Israeli settlements come about and expand
in the OPT.

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Ma'asara Village Demonstration: Interview with Israeli Activist

1.22.10 - Ma'asara Village Demonstration: Interview with Israeli Activist

After Ma'asara village's weekly demonstration against Israel's apartheid wall and illegal settlements, women from the village sing about having no fear of the violence being used against them; soldiers remain on a Palestinian family's rooftop; and an Israeli activist talks about communicating with soldiers at weekly demonstrations in Palestine.

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Bil'in Weekly Demo and Israeli Occupation Forces Raid on the Village - 29 01 2010

29 01 2010

As can be seen in the video, after the breakup of the peaceful protest against the Apartheid Wall and theft of the village lands in bil'in, the Israeli Occupation forces raided the village firing teargas at the homes and people of the village.

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MaximsNewsNetwork: 27 January 2010 - United Nations New York - The United Nations Security Council today voiced concern over impasse in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Addressing the Security Council, United Nations (UN) Political Affairs official Oscar Fernandez-Taranco reiterated the Secretary-Generals concern about the Israeli settlements.

He noted that the construction of some 692 new housing units in three existing settlements was announced at the end of December, and plans to house 24 settler families in the Mount of Olives and to build 50 new settler housing units in Shaufat both Palestinian neighbourhoods were made public earlier this month.

We urge the Israeli Government not to finalize approvals of these plans, he said. Taranco stressed that the international community does not recognize Israels annexation of East Jerusalem, and the status of the city remains a final issue for negotiations through which a way must be found for Jerusalem to emerge as the capital of two States. Taranco also reiterated repeated calls by the UN to end the blockade of Gaza.

Palestines observer to the UN Ambassador Riyad H. Mansour accused Israel of artificially creating an overwhelmingly Jewish majority and further entrenching, this de facto annexation of the city.

Israels Ambassador Gabriela Shalev underlined Israels, unprecedented policy of restraint throughout the settlements of the West Bank saying that it was, the latest demonstration that Israel is prepared to take difficult steps for peace and rhetorically asked the Permanent Observer to explain the reasons why the Palestinian Authority that he represents refrains from accepting Israels outstretched hand to negotiate a historic peace.

US Ambassador Alejandro D. Wolff told the Security Council that the status of Jerusalem and all other permanent status issues should be resolved only through negotiations.

He also expressed disapproval for some Israeli actions in Jerusalem affecting Palestinians in areas such as housing, including the continuing pattern of evictions and demolitions of Palestinian homes. Neither party should take actions that could unilaterally preempt, or appear preempt, negotiations.

The Security Council was also informed about the satisfactory conclusion of the agreement by the Israeli government to make a payment of US$10.5 million to the United Nations for damage to the worlds bodys properties in Gaza during last years Israeli offensive against Hamas.
During the three-week operation Israeli shells struck the UNs main centre in Gaza City, setting ablaze a warehouse with hundreds of tons of food and medicine, and at least three UN schools run for Palestinian refugee children were also attacked.
The incidents were investigated by the UN Headquarters Board of Inquiry early last year after which Israel and the UN held discussions over compensation.
........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ............. (UNITED NATIONS TELEVISION: UNTV ) ........................................ ........................................ ........................... MaximsNewsNetwork:
News Network for the United Nations and the International Community.
"GIVING POWER & RESONANCE TO THE VOICE OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY" ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ........

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Flash Mob Boycot Israeli Apartheid - BDS

Flash Mob Boycot Israeli Apartheid

"Freeze Flash Mob in supermarket in Holland to promote boycot of Israeli products. 'We will not do business as usual with Israel as long as it commits war crimes and doesnt comply with international law.'"

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Bil'in : Israeli Occupation Forces Night Raid

Part 1 Bil'in : Israeli Occupation Forces Night Raid.wmv

"Press release, Popular Struggle Coordination Committee.
At 1:45am today (28th Jan 2010) Mohammed Khatib, his wife Lamia and their four young children were woken up by Israeli soldiers storming their home, which was surrounded by a large military force. Once inside the house, the soldiers arrested Khatib, conducted a quick search and left the house.

Roughly half an hour after leaving the house, five military jeeps surrounded the house again, and six soldiers forced their way into the house, where Khatib's children sat in terror. The forces conducted another very thorough search of the premises, without showing a search warrant. During the search, Khatib's phone and many documents were seized, including papers from Bilin's legal procedures in the Israel high court. The soldiers exited an hour and a half later, leaving a note saying that documents suspected as "incitement materials" were seized. International activists who tried to enter the house to be with the family during the search were aggressively denied entry.

Mohammed Khatib was previously arrested during the ongoing wave of arrests and repression on 3 August 2009 with charges of incitement and stone throwing. After two weeks of detention, a military judge ruled that evidence against him was falsified and ordered his release, after it was proven that Khatib was abroad at the time the army alleged he was photographed throwing stones during a demonstration.

Khatib's arrest today is the most severe escalation in a recent wave of repression again the Palestinian popular struggle and its leadership. Khatib is the 35th resident of Bilin to be arrested on suspicions related to anti-wall protest since 23 June 2009.

The recent wave of arrests is largely an assault on the members of the Popular Committees -- the leadership of the popular struggle -- who are then charged with incitement when arrested. The charge of incitement, defined under Israeli military law as "an attempt, whether verbally or otherwise, to influence public opinion in the area in a way that may disturb the public peace or public order," is a cynical attempt to punish grassroots organizing with a hefty charge and lengthy imprisonment. Such indictments are part of the army's strategy of using legal persecution as a means to quash the popular movement.

Similar raids have also been conducted in the village of al-Maasara, south of Bethlehem, and in the village of Nilin -- where 110 residents have been arrested over the last year and half -- as well as in the cities of Nablus, Ramallah and East Jerusalem.

Among those arrested in the recent campaign are three members of the Nilin Popular Committee, Said Yakin of the Palestinian National Committee Against the Wall, and five members of the Bilin Popular Committee -- all suspected of incitement.

Prominent grassroots activists Jamal Juma' (East Jerusalem) and Mohammed Othman (Jayyous) of the Stop the Wall nongovernmental organization, involved in anti-wall and boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigning, have recently been released from detention after being incarcerated for long periods based on secret evidence and with no charges brought against them."

Part 1

Part 2

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Control of Jerusalem - Walid Khalidi's Keynote Address on Jerusalem at the United Nations


On 30 November 2009, Walid Khalidi, renowned Palestinian historian and co-founder and General Secretary of the Institute for Palestine Studies, was the keynote speaker at a special UN event commemorating the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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Nabi Saleh 29-1-10 demonstration against the creeping annexation of the village lands

Nebi Salah_29-1-10 demonstration against the creeping annexation of the village lands:

"Nabi Saleh, a Palestinian village in the Ramallah district, is now a hotspot for clashes with the occupation forces after Jewish settlers took over lands and a natural spring belonging to the village. Demostrations are held every Friday to protest the zionist colonization of whatever remains of Palestine."

Another video:An Nabi Salih Demonstration 1/29/10 from ISMPalestine:

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Humanitarianism: Prolonging the Palestinian Political Plight?

Humanitarianism: Prolonging the Palestinian Political Plight?

"Dr. Ilana Feldman came to the Palestine Center in Washington DC on 27 January to give a lecture on Humanitarianism and Politics."

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MAP: Gaza One Year On

In the Wake of War: Gaza One Year On

MAP FILMS visit the Gaza Strip and speak to its residents 1 year on from the Israeli Operation 'Cast Lead' that killed nearly 1,400 people.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Free Gaza Movement & Cairo Declaration‬‎

The Free Gaza Movement & Cairo Declaration‬‎

A special episode of the Kadaya Wa Ara (Issues & Opinions) show in English.

Topic Discussed: The Free Gaza Movement & Cairo Declaration


- Yovnne Ridley, Journalist & Activist
- Mick Napier, Chairman of the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign

Host: Anas Tikriti

Air Date: 24 January 2010

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Gaza Freedom March Report Back - NYC

Speakers: Abdeen Jabara, Michael Ratner, Ali Abunimah, Organizations, Fida Qishta, Jenna Bitar (listed in the order of the orginal posting of the videos on the channel)

80 people from New York joined the Gaza Freedom March, landing in Cairo, Egypt on December 27th and planning to enter Gaza through the Rafa gate from Egypt. They were part of a 1400 member strong international delegation from 43 countries. Gaza is the world's largest prison, where Israel, utilizing the Egyptian governement of Mubarak as its guards, has incarcerated 1.5 million Palestinians. They are denied food, water, and any materials to rebuild their shattered society after israel's brutal 2009 attack.

Abdeen Jabara Intro to Gaza Freedom March Report Back
Abdeen Jabara Intro to Gaza Freedom March Report Back - Deep Dish TV on

Michael Ratner

Ali Abunimah


Fida Qishta

Jenna Bitar

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Israel Preventing U.N. from Completing Housing Projects in Gaza!

Israel Not Allowing U.N. To Complete Housing Projects In Gaza!
January 26, 2010 BBC World

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Israeli Settlers and Army Invade At-Tuwani Village, Clash With Palestinians

[Press TV News] Israeli Settlers and Army Clash With Palestinians in the West Bank

Related News:
CPT: Israeli settlers invade At-Tuwani village

Christian Peacemaker Team
26 January 2010

Israeli soldiers enter Palestinian homes, attacks Palestinian, and throw tear gas.

For more information, contact:
Christian Peacemaker Teams 054 253 1323

AT-TUWANI – On Tuesday, 26 January 2010 approximately fifteen Israeli settlers from the Israeli settlement of Ma’on and the Israeli outpost of Havat Ma’on attacked Palestinians in the village of At-Tuwani. The settlers were accompanied by Israeli soldiers in three army jeeps and the settlement security agent of Ma’on. Villagers from At-Tuwani arrived, protesting the settlers coming into their village. An Israeli soldier punched a Palestinian villager, who was hospitalized for his injuries. Immediately thereafter, Israeli settlers began throwing stones at the Palestinian villagers while soldiers fired three canisters of tear gas at Palestinians.

Afterwards, the settlers drove to the entrance of At-Tuwani, and began throwing stones at passers-by on the road.

The day’s incident began at 9:20 am when three army jeeps and a pickup truck with an Israeli settler from Havat Ma’on and the settlement security guard from Ma’on drove into At-Tuwani. The settler walked throughout the village, entering Palestinian homes, accompanied by the soldiers and settlement security guard, and then remained in the village and made phone calls until other settlers arrived.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gaza stranded students losing hope

Gaza stranded students losing hope.wmv

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Rabbis for Human Rights against house evictions in East Jerusalem


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Freedom of Speech and US Congress Bill to Gag it

Press TV-News Analysis-Freedom of speech?-01-25-2010(Part1)

Mohammad Marandi, Prof. Tehran University
William Beeman, Unversity Professor
Franklin Lamb, International Lawyer

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Arab information ministers shy response to US Congress interference in Arab news media

Arab ministers against US Congress interference in Arab news media - PessTV 100124

Comment: There is only one way to stop such blatant interference by a congress controlled by AIPAC: threaten to ban American media outlets from the M.E. and watch Congress fight it out with its own American media conglomerates. I bet AIPAC would stick its head back in the hole it crawled out of.

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Israel rejects UN Gaza war probe as US activist warns of Holocaust path

Israel rejects UN Gaza war probe as US activist warns of Holocaust path

"An Israeli cabinet minister says Tel Aviv is to ignore a demand by the United Nations General Assembly to set up an independent investigation into the Gaza war - in which around 1400 Palestinians died a year ago. A UN panel has accused Israel and Hamas of war crimes. The Washington Post reports however that if things go this far, the U.S. would be likely to veto the move at the UN Security council - to protect its long-term ally Israel. But as Lauren Lyster reports, some in Washington oppose America's support for Tel Aviv."

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Hamas Slams Egypt's Iron Wall on Gaza Border

[Press TV News] Hamas Condemns Cairo's Iron Wall, Says Mubarak is Helping To Starve Palestinians

The Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas has slammed the expanding Egyptian Iron Wall on Gaza's Border.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Martin Linton MP addresses Israel's shelling of a busy shopping centre in Gaza

Gaza Day 2- Humanitarian Issues and War Crimes

Martin Linton MP addresses the shelling of a busy shopping centre in Gaza by Israeli troops and the lack of humanitarian assistance provided to Gaza due to Israeli blockade and control.

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Art installation - Remembering Gaza - Dundee

Art installation - Remembering Gaza - Dundee

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Rabbis Protest Olmert Visit

Rabbis Protesting Olmert Visit

On January 14, 2010 Anti Zionist Orthodox Jews joined other pro-Palestinian activists in a protest against the visit of former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, to the Union Collage in Schenectady [upstate] New York. Rabbi Dovid Feldman on Neturei Karta International, Jews United Against Zionism, was one of the speakers at the protest.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lebanon police attack, injure and arrest anti-wall protesters in Beirut


At least three people have been hurt when Lebanese police attacked about 200 protesters outside the Egyptian embassy in Beirut. The demonstrators were protesting against Egypt’s construction of a 14-kilometre underground iron wall along its border with Gaza.

The wall will put further strain on Gaza, where people have had to use tunnels to smuggle in basic goods due to the almost 3 year long Israeli-Egyptian Siege

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Alison Weir - Apartheid We Can't Afford: Palestine, Israel and the Humanitarian Nightmare

Program at Michigan State University on October 15, 2009: "Apartheid We Can't Afford: Palestine, Israel and the Humanitarian Nightmare" Alison Weir, Executive Director,

Alison Weir of Shares Documentary Trailer

Alison Weir shared a documentary movie trailer as a preview for the organization's work-in-progress.

Alison Weir puts the Palestine occupation in context.

Alison Weir recounts what she found in the West Bank as a freelance reporter.

Alison Weir recounts what she found in Gaza as a freelance reporter

Alison Weir Reads Her Letter to America

Q&A Alison Weir responds to "defamatory" email message circulated around the campus leading up to her visit to Michigan State.

Q&A Alison Weir answers the question "What can Americans Do?"

Q&A Alison Weir answers a question about how her ethnic background affects her effectiveness with the issue.

Q&A Alison Weir talks about the children who die in the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Q&A Alison Weir talks about the media bias in news coverage about occupied Palestine.

Q&A Alison Weir talks about the rising awareness of the Palestine occupation.

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

PSC: Gaza One Year On: End the Siege of Gaza - Bring Israeli War Criminals to Justice

Speakers: Hugh Lanning, Karma Nabulsi, kevin Ovenden, Alison Shepherd, Joseph Healy, Anas Altikriti, Carol Turner, Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway, Daud Abdullah, Ruqayyah Collector, Lowkey (I'll be adding any new videos of the meeting posted on the net)

PSC Gaza PART 1.wmv


End the Siege of Gaza - Bring Israeli War Criminals to Justice

Tuesday 19 January 2010 - 7pm

Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, WC1R 4RL, London

Organised by PSC, STWC, CND and BMI.

Part 1
Hugh Lanning, Deputy General Secretary PCS (Palestine Solidarity Campaign)
Dr Karma Nabulsi, Oxford University

Part 2
kevin Ovenden, Viva Palestina

Part 3
Alison Shepherd, UNISON
Joseph Healy, The Green Party

Part 4
Anas Altikriti, British Muslim Initiative

Part 5
Carol Turner, Stop the War Coalition

Part 6
Jeremy Corbyn MP

Part 7
Jeremy Corbyn MP (Cont.)

Part 8
George Galloway MP

Part 9
George Galloway MP

Part 10
Daud Abdullah, Middle East Monitor

Part 11
Ruqayyah Collector, Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The following videos are from another source:

Part 12

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

Wales MEP demands Egyptian apology for Swansea deportations

MEP demands Egyptian apology for Swansea deportations

"Wales Plaid MEP has met with officials in Egypt to demand an explanation for the deportation of three Swansea women. Jill Evans has just returned from a fact finding mission to the Middle East where she raised the case. Ms Evans said the Egyptians claimed that the Swansea women had been trouble-makers. But their MEP maintains the only purpose of their trip was to deliver aid to Gaza. Jill Evans now wants an official apology from the Egyptian authorities."

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Settlers and Israeli Occupation Forces Attack Iraq Burin, Palestine

Palestinians Clash With Israeli Troops

Related news:
Israeli Occupation Forces fire on Iraq Burin
Source: International Solidarity Movement (ISM)
January 24, 2010

Israeli Occupation Forces opened fire on Iraq Burin once again, following a settler attack that has become almost a weekly routine for the village. One villager was injured and treated at the hospital after being struck in the thigh by a tear gas canister.

An expectant atmosphere hangs over the village each Saturday now. The peaceful silence, punctuated only by donkey brays or the sound of children playing, offers a strange prelude to what each resident knows is coming. ISM activists have been maintaining a presence in Iraq Burin over the Saturday period – the Jewish religious holiday of Shabbat – but better known in the Occupied Territories for the territorial violence waged on this day by Israeli settlers on the rural Palestinian population.

Israeli military were sighted positioning themselves on the hill to the south from approximately 12pm, drawing onlookers from the village. A group of 15 settlers appeared on the hillside, where a long stand off took place between the village’s youth and the settlers from across the valley.

The settlers made frequent and provocative incursions half-way down the hill, returning to top only to coordinate with the IDF soldiers. The soldiers fired one tear gas canister at two men sitting at the bottom of the hill and then seemed to retreat.

After an hour-long lull, the settlers appeared about one kilometer to east at the crest of the hill. This time they were brandishing slings and began to launch their projectiles at some shabab holding their ground 50 meters down the hill. The IDF soldiers seemed to enjoy this spectacle, as they loafed 200 meters directly to the east, watching the scene for nearly half an hour. The soldiers then began to launch tear gas into the group of Palestinians on the hill who were already being bombarded with rocks slung by the handful of settlers up hill.

The soldiers shot two canisters of tear gas across the small valley and into the crowd of spectators which was comprised of young children, old men and internationals. There was a lull in the violence as the IDF soldiers escorted the settlers up the hill and back to their settlements. The sharp twang of ammunition bouncing off the tin walls of the barn behind the villagers initiated a hasty retreat of all those present on or near that hillside.

The reason for such urgency in flight is lost to an outsider, but for the locals it is familiar dance. Three Humvees quickly barreled through the entire village and rapid successions of tear gas, sound grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets could be heard rocketing towards the hillside everyone had just vacated.

Once the soldiers realized that everyone had left the hillside, they began to spread terror throughout the village upon their exodus. Volley after volley of tear gas grenades flew into the village, bouncing off homes and threatening to spray families seeking shelter with broken glass. These volleys were punctuated with two to three sound grenades exploding in rapid succession and the firing of rubber-coated steel. Their retreat was made difficult by the lines of boulders that happened to find themselves in the middle of the road every 50 meters.

As they left the village, the soldiers shot tear gas blindly through the black, billowing smoke of a flaming tire. Jubilant shouts arose as they disappeared over the hillside, the villagers’ eyes still streaming from the tear gas.

"Palestinians in the West Bank clashed with Israeli army soldiers on Saturday as they protested Israel's policy of restricting their access to their farmland. (Jan 23)"

Video 2: Clashes in Burin

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

Israeli Troops Arrest, Harass and Torture 10 Palestinian Labourers in the West Bank

[Press TV News] Israeli Troops Arrest, Harass and Torture 10 Palestinian Labourers in the West Bank

"Israel has arrested, tortured and harrassed for no valid reason 10 Palestinian Labourers in the West Bank. Press TV's Ramallah Bureau Correspondent Sari al-Khalili has the full story. Recorded January 24, 2010 at 1100GMT"

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

Some of Gaza's flowers exported to Europe as Israeli Products

Valentine flowers from Gaza

BBC 100122 [LinkTV/Mosaic] Palestinians try to export their product via Israel. -

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

Gaza children's (war) paintings

Gaza children's (war) paintings

Al-Arabiya 100121
Exhibition in Tel Aviv.

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

Abdeen Jabara - Gaza Freedom March Report Back

Abdeen Jabara Into to Gaza Freedom March Report Back

80 people from New York joined the Gaza Freedom March, landing in Cairo, Egypt on December 27th and planning to enter Gaza through the Rafa gate from Egypt. They were part of a 1400 member strong international delegation from 43 countries. Gaza is the world's largest prison, where Israel, utilizing the Egyptian governement of Mubarak as its guards, has incarcerated 1.5 million Palestinians. They are denied food, water, and any materials to rebuild their shattered society after israel's brutal 2009 attack.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two British Citizens Stranded in Gaza

[Press TV News] Two British Citizens, Part of Viva Palestina, Stranded in Gaza

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

Israel continues to amass troops on Lebanon Border - Interview With Alison Weir

[Press TV News] Update 2: Israel amassing troops on Lebanon Border - Interview With Alison Weir

Update on the Israeli troops movement on the Lebanon border; as Hizbullah readies itself to defend Lebanon against a possible Israeli assault. Press TV's Kaniz Fatma speaks to Alison Weir of If Americans Knew ( on the subject. Recorded on January 23, 2010 @ 0130GMT

Update on the Israel troop movement on the Lebanese border. Israeli Minister Peled has said that Tel Aviv is heading for war with Hizbullah. Full Report. Comments by Military Affairs Expert, Riad Kahwaji, Beirut. Recorded on January 23, 2010 at 1600GMT

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

IOF Attack Nabbi Saleh village - Six Injured and Six Arrested 22/01/2010

Nebi Salah 22/01/2010

Six Injured and Six Arrested During a Nabbi Saleh Demonstration
Jan 22, 2010

Six demonstrators, including three Israeli activists, were injured today in the West Bank village of Nabbi Saleh after the army invaded the village earlier today. The soldiers launched an unprovoked attack at the center of the village, even before a scheduled demonstration began. Three women and three men from the village were arrested.

Slightly after 12:30 a large military force invaded the North Ramallah village of Nabbi Saleh and began shooting tear-gas and rubber-coated bullets at people who were gathering to demonstrate against the theft of their lands by the nearby Jewish-only settlement of Halamish. One demonstrator was evacuated to the hospital unconscious, after being hit in the back with a rubber-coated bullet. Five more, including three Israeli activists, suffered less serious injuries.

During the demonstration three women and three man were arrested by the soldiers. An Israeli activist who was detained together with them was released a short time after, despite the fact that they were all arrested at the same time and place, and under similar circumstances.

Approximately six weeks ago, a group of Halamish settlers took over a natural spring located in privately owned Palestinian land in between the village and the settlement. Since then, and despite the fact that ownership of the land undisputed, the army began preventing Palestinians from accessing the area.

Two weeks ago, when villagers amassed hoping to manage and access their lands as a group, the army brutally prevented them from doing so using tear-gas and rubber-coated bullets. In response the villagers – men, women and children – blocked the settlement's access road for over two hours.

A few days after, a DCO officer approached the village's municipality, recognizing the villagers' ownership of the land and promised that they will no longer be barred from accessing it. Despite this promise, the army continued violently assaulting residents of Nabbi Saleh in the past two Fridays when they tried accessing their lands.

Demonstrations also took place today in the villages of alMaasara south of Bethlehem – where a demonstrator was arrested and the Palestinian minister of agriculture was among the participants, Bil'in and Ni'ilin – where in the past month the army has been conducting an unprecedented arrest campaign against anti-Wall activists.

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

Azam Tamimi and Omar Nashabi on Obama-Mitchell Failure in ME

Press TV - News Analysis-Middle East Conflict-01-22-2010

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

Palestine Memorial Week, London, January 2010 - Marking the first anniversary of Israeli onslaught on Gaza

Speakers: Baroness Jenny Tonge, Ewa Jasiewicz, Frank Barat, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Peter Eyre, Ken Loach,

Palestine Memorial Week – 13th to 19th January 2010 in UK/Europe
Marking the first anniversary of Israeli onslaught on Gaza

Wednesday, 13th of January
Commemorating the First Anniversary of Gaza War.
Friends House, London Euston from 6-30 PM to 9-30 PM.
Speakers include: Clare Short MP, Baroness Jenny Tonge, Bob Marshall – Andrews MP,, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Ken Loach, Film Director and activist, Lord Nazir Ahmed, Majed al Zeer, PRC General Director, Om Kamel Al kurd, From Occupied Jerusalem, Sameh A. Habeeb, PRC representative and Witness from Gaza, Ewa Jasiewicz, Activist and Witness From Gaza, Peter Eyre, Middle East Expert, Presentation on Gaza Recent conditions, Arafat Madi, Head Of European Campaign To End Siege on Gaza, Other speakers from the participating organizations.

Baroness Jenny Tonge - Conditions in Palestine - Palestine Memorial Week

Ewa International Solidarity Movement - Gaza Memorial Week Jan 2010

Frank Barat Russell Tribunal Palestine - Palestine Memorial Week

Jeremy Corbyn MP - Arrest Tzipi Livni - Palestine Memorial Week

Peter Eyre Middle East Expert - Palestine Memorial Week

Peter Eyre Middle East Expert - Palestine Memorial Week - Part 2

Ken Loach Palestine Memorial Week January 2010

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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Weekly Demo Against the Apartheid Wall in Bil'in 22-1-10

Bil'in 22-1-10

This Friday, the 22nd of January, 30 to 40 Palestinian, Israeli, and other international protesters marched through the West Bank village of Bil'in to the Israeli built separation barrier.

After the midday prayer, Palestinians and internationals assembled outside in the village of Bil'in and proceeded to march to the barrier while chanting pro-Palestine slogans and waving Palestinian and Fatah flags. Tear gas and concussion grenades were initially employed to disperse the protesters, but roughly thirty minutes into the demonstration Israeli soldiers crossed the barrier line into the village and attempted to chase and detain Palestinian protesters. No arrests were reported.

Several Palestinian youths wearing keffiyehs to cover their heads threw rocks and shouted insults at the Israeli soldiers. International demonstrators recorded and photographed the clashes between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers. Israeli forces invaded the village in response to the clashes with the demonstrators and eventually fell back across the separation wall over an hour after the protest began.

This week's demonstration in Bil'in marks a continued escalation of repressive tactics employed by the Israeli military. 2010 has seen a dramatic increase in night raids, arrests, and harassment directed towards the organizers of the Popular Committee resistance in the West Bank.

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Back in 1996, the late Edward Said on the peace process - Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose - A conversation on Palestine

"with Edward Said
in Current Affairs
on Thursday, June 6, 1996

Edward Said of Columbia University discusses the implications of the Israeli elections and the peace process in the Middle East."

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Hundreds of Activists Protest Against Jewish Settlments in East Jerusalem (2 videos)

Two videos (actually make that 3 videos. I've added another by yisraelpnm in addition to the earlier ones) from Press TV and AFP report on hundreds of actvists protesting Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem.

[Press TV News] Israeli Activists Protest Occupation and Demolition of Houses In Jerusalem

"Israeli and other activists staged a massive protest in Jerusalem to protest at the continued occupation and the destruction and demotion of houses and the eviction of people from their homes by the Zionist Regime. Special Report. Recorded January 22, 2010 at 1800GMT"

Hundreds of Activists Protest against Jewish Settlments in East Jerusalem

"Hundreds of people, mostly left-wing Israeli activists, demonstrated against Jewish settlements in east Jerusalem on Friday in defiance of police efforts to crack down on the weekly protests.Duration: 01:06"

The Third video below is by yisraelpnm
"Last Friday (15-1-10) the Jerusalem police yet again violently suppressed the demonstration against the eviction of Palestinian families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. Seventeen demonstrators spent the weekend under arrest and were released after the Magistrate Court judge ruled that there were no legal grounds for the arrests. The police are misusing their power and distorting the law so as to collaborate with the dangerous project of Judaicizing East Jerusalem.

This week the demonstration was even bigger than those of previous weeks. 350 demonstrators, amongst them former minister and Knesset Chair Avraham Burg, former minister Yossi Sarid, MK Muhamad Barak'e and former MK Uri Avneri, gathered in a park near the neighborhood to protest the racist evictions taking place there in spite of intensifying police oppression of the struggle (see last week's report). Two demonstrators offered the police officer in charge, Avi Cohen, a big bouquet of flowers, thanking him for helping the struggle gain nationwide attention by arresting about 20 activists every week. Cohen refused to accept the flowers and they were left at his feet.

After about an hour of demonstrating in a tense atmosphere, demonstrators started marching towards the neighborhood. Border and Riot policemen stopped the march, while still allowing settlers and visitors of the Shimon Hat'sadik Tomb through. After a quarter of an hour police attacked the demonstration, arresting about 15 people and beating on others. The demonstration continued for another two and half hours, with police occasionally beating people and shoving them back, but attempting to avoid too many more arrests. The day ended with 22 arrested.

During the demonstration it became apparent that settlers were attacking Palestinians inside the neighborhood, and two residents required medial care. At the same time police raided Palestinian homes and arrested people who participated in the demonstration and then went home. The demonstrators' protests outside against the police's siding with the violent settlers were met with yet more police brutality."

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Turkey Warns Lebanon That Israel May Attack

Turkey Warns Lebanon That Israel May Attack

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week warned Lebanese leaders that Israel may be planning an attack on its northern neighbor.

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Israel amasses troops on Lebanon border - Hizbullah on high alert

[Press TV News] Update: Israel Amassing Troops on Lebanon Border - Hizbullah on High Alert

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Meshaal: Hamas not to back down from resistance

[Press TV News] Hamas Chief Khaled Mashal - 1st Anniversary Gaza War - Speech Summary

Hamas political bureau chief, Khaled Mashal says Palestinians will never back down from resisting the sraeli occupation

Updated with new video

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Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish on Viewpoint with James Zogby

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish on Viewpoint with James Zogby

Dr. Izzeldin, Physician and peace activist reflected on last years Operation Cast Lead. In this emotionally charged segment, which brought the horrors of the Gaza war down to a personal level, Dr. Abuelaish, whose three daughters and niece we killed during Operation Cast Lead, spoke about Daughters For Life Foundation, a foundation he founded in memory of his three daughters killed by a tank shell during the Gaza war. Watch the full Segment at:

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Scenes from Nabi Saleh Demonstration - 1/15/10

An Nabi Salih Demonstration - 1/15/10

"Weekly protest in An Nabi Salih. Palestinians are getting their land illegally annexed by Israeli settlers, who have the full support of the Israeli military. The settlement of Hallamish (Neve Zuf) is gobbling up Palestinian land in violation of international law. Many of Nabi Salih's olive trees have been chopped down by settlers who think they are blessed by God and have holy right to the land. The residents of Nebi Saleh have begun a popular struggle against the illegal Israeli occupation. Israel will surely attempt to crush it, so these Palestinians need support from the international community."

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British Members of Parliament Full Press Conference on Gaza (8 Videos)

Part1 A Press conference about visit to Gaza in the House of Commons

Part 1
Sir Gerald Kaufman

Part 2
Robert Marshall Andrews MP - Prima Facia Evidence of War Crimes.
Martin Linton MP - Every thing we saw was a complete corroboration of the Goldstone Report

Part 3
Baroness Jenny Tonge MP - Extremely concerned by Health Conditions in Gaza

Part 4
Dr. Arafat Shoukri, Chair of the European Campaign to End the Siege
Lynne Jones MP
+ Q&A

Part 5 Q&A

Part 6 Q&A

Part 7 Q&A

Part 8 Q&A

I am adding this video afterwards. My apolgies for having missed it earlier.

Lord Nazir Ahmed views in the Press conference on the visit to Gaza in the House of Commons

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UN holds session on Palestinian rights - PressTV 100122

UN holds session on Palestinian rights - PressTV 100122

Related News:

Ban urges Israel to end settlements, other obstacles to peace with Palestinians

21 January 2010 – Israel’s settlement construction on occupied Palestinian territory, its annexation of East Jerusalem which remains part of that territory, and its blockade of Gaza are hindering Middle East peace efforts, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned today, calling for the resumption of long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

“In the absence of talks, confidence between the parties has diminished,” he told a meeting in New York of the UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People. “Tensions have risen in East Jerusalem. People in Gaza and southern Israel continue to suffer from violence. If we do not move forward on the political process soon, we risk sliding backwards.”

He voiced concern that despite Israel’s decision to restrain settlement construction in the West Bank, activity and financial support for expansion were continuing there and in East Jerusalem.

“Settlement construction violates international law and contravenes the Road Map, under which Israel is obliged to freeze all settlement activity, including the so-called ‘natural growth’,” he said, referring to the internationally endorsed plan for two States, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security.

“This is in no one’s interest, least of all Israel’s. Settlement activity undermines trust between the two parties, seems to pre-judge the outcome of the future permanent status negotiations, and imperils the basis for the two-State solution.”

In East Jerusalem Mr. Ban cited “a series of worrisome events [that] has not only stoked tensions in the city but also has the potential to endanger stability in the region,” such as Israel’s continued Israeli house demolitions, evictions and revocation of identity cards of Palestinians, and its plans to expand settlement infrastructure.

“It bears repeating that the international community does not recognize Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem, which remains part of the occupied Palestinian territory,” he said. “A way must be found, through negotiations, for Jerusalem to emerge as the capital of two States living side-by-side in peace and security, with arrangements for the holy sites acceptable to all.”

Turning to Gaza, he noted that one year after the end of Israel’s three-week military offensive against Hamas, neither the issues that led to the conflict nor its aftermath have been fully addressed. Moreover, accountability for violations of international human rights law has not been adequately addressed, as called for by an independent UN mission that found that both Israeli forces and Palestinian militants may have committed serious war crimes.

“I call on Israel and the relevant Palestinian authorities to conduct, without delay, credible domestic investigations into the many reported allegations of serious human rights violations,” Mr. Ban said.

Voicing “special concern” at the grave humanitarian situation in Gaza, he noted that the amount of humanitarian and other supplies allowed in was insufficient to meet the needs of the population or to enable urgently needed reconstruction.

“I repeat my call on Israel to end its unacceptable and counterproductive blockade and to fully respect international law,” he added. “I am also greatly concerned about those in southern Israel who have to live in fear of continuing Palestinian rocket and mortar fire from Gaza. I call for a complete end to violence and the targeting of Israeli civilians.” Israel cited the rocket attacks as the reason for its assault on Gaza.

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