Tuesday, August 16, 2011

S. Africans protest Israeli Apartheid - What is Rael Propaganda Diaries (Day 4, Act1)

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BDS South Africa Confronts Apartheid Agents: What is Rael Propaganda Diaries

What is Rael Propaganda Diaries (Day 4, Act1):

"BDSsouthafrica on Aug 16, 2011

'Flashmob: Israeli delegation disturbed and disrupted at Wits University'

A group of Israelis are in South Africa on a propaganda tour to our campuses. Their mission has been thwarted and disrupted at every corner.

Today, Monday the 15th of August, the Israeli mission was disrupted at Wits University.

Students at UJ, UCT, UWC, UKCN and and elsewhere have committed themselves to non-violent, direct actions which will escalate in the coming days as the Israeli delegates are expected to attempt campus visits.

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