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Nabi Saleh Village Under Constant Israeli Army Attacks -August 7, 2011

النبي صالح NABI SALEH 7-8-2011
‫النبي صالح NABI SALEH 7-8-2011:

"tamimi1966 on Aug 7, 2011

‪Nabi Saleh protest 5-8-2011‬‏:

"planxtysumoud on Aug 5, 2011

In just over one year of nonviolent protests in the tiny West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, 155 of the 500 residents have been wounded (about 60 of them children); 35 homes have been damaged, dozens have been detained and the villagers has been regularly terrorised by occupation forces deliberately shooting high velocity tear gas canisters into their homes igniting curtains and furniture in the process - their exteriors and gardens are also regularly doused with a putrid liquid called 'skunk' - and still the resistance continues undimmed and unbowed. Today's protest focused on the theft of Nabi Saleh's Bow Spring (Ein al-Qaws) with the villagers attempts to reach the spring violently suppressed by occupation forces firing tear gas. The spring personally belongs to Bashir Tamimi, the head of the Nabi Saleh's village council. The colonists from the nearby illegal Israeli colony of Halamish, abetted by the army, erected a shed over the spring, renamed it Maayan Meir, after a late 'settler', and began driving away Palestinians who came to use the spring by force - at times throwing stones or even pointing guns at them and threatening to shoot.

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