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Muslims voiced solidarity with Palestinians on the Intl. Al-Quds Day

PressTV - Muslims voiced solidarity with Palestinians on the Intl. Al-Quds Day:

Fri Aug 26, 2011 2:34PM GMT
Saman Kojouri, Press TV, Tehran

Millions of Iranians across the country took part in rallies marking the international Al-Quds day. Chanting such slogans as down with Israel, down with the US, people from different walks of life once again got together to voice support for Palestinians and express their hatred toward the expansionist policies of Israel.
Issuing a resolution, the demonstrators denounced Israel's atrocities against the Palestinian people and called for the liberation of Palestine. The protesters also condemned the violent crackdown against opposition protesters in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad like other Iranian officials joined demonstrators in Tehran. In a speech he called on the Palestinians to focus on liberating the entire Palestine from Israel.

The recognition of an independent Palestinian state is only the first step toward liberating Palestine. No one can claim to be a proponent of freedom and democracy and yet be a friend of Israel. Israel is what keeps the colonial powers united and has a mission to impose a reign of terror on the world.

According to the leader of the Islamic revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali khamenei the recent popular developments in Muslim countries such as Egypt, Libya and Bahrain have been influenced by the massive movement of the Iranian people back in 1979.
Introduced by the late leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini-- in 1979, the annual event takes place on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan. The day has become an opportunity for Iranians and other Muslim nations to shout a truth that arrogant powers have tried to silence.

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