Saturday, August 27, 2011

Massive Protest outside Israeli embassy in Egypt demands expulsion of Israeli ambassador

PressTV - Protests continue in front of Israeli embassy in Egypt:

Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:16PM GMT
Karim Gamal el-Deen, Press TV, Cairo

Massive crowds gathered outside the israeli embassy to demand the expulsion of the israeli ambassador to Cairo and to mark al-Quds day in solidarity with the palestinian people.

Tensions between the two countries have surged after the Israeli troops have killed 5 Egyptian soldiers in a deadly air raid on the Egyptian border near Eilat. Also, the protesters told Press TV that they demand the military to take a firmer stand against Israel

The protests were not only limited to Egyptians, some demonstrators came all the way from the UK to mark al-Quds day in Cairo on their way to Gaza in solidarity with the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause.

The sit-in outside the Israeli embassy has been ongoing for the past six days and the protesters have vowed to stay until their legitimate demands are met.

You can also see the video from YouTube if your bandwidth is not high enough

Protests continue in front of Israeli embassy in Egypt - PressTV 110827:

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