Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Isreal attacks Qalandia refugee camp

PressTV - Isreal attacks Qalandia refugee camp:

Mon Aug 1, 2011 9:35PM GMT
Ibrahim Husseini, Press TV, Qalandia refugee camp

"Shortly after 2:00 am Monday morning, an Israeli force said to be made up of at least 60 men, penetrated the Qalandia refugee camp, just to the north of Jerusalem Alquds, from three points.

The aim of the operation is said to have been a search and arrest. Residents of the refugee camp were out in the streets preparing for the first day of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan when the Israeli force suddenly appeared.
The aim of the operation might have been a search and arrest, but residents say Israeli troops panicked and began to shoot indiscriminately at residents, and when the operation was over, 2 Palestinians were shot and killed and a third seriously wounded.
As for the declared aim of the operation; Israeli troops arrested 3 Palestinians all under 17 years of age.
Thousands have come out to bid farewell to Motasem Manasra and Ali Khalife, two young men in their early twenties killed by israeli occupation forces in the early morning hours of Monday in the qalandia refugee camp. The residents say the two men were unarmed and posed no threat.
The Palestinian authority condemned the killing of the two men and accused Israel of attempting to create an atmosphere of escalation ahead of September'.
The Israeli army said that 5 of its soldiers were wounded during operation after residents threw rocks at them.
Mutasem Manasra was 22, a law student at a local university while Ali Khalifeh was 23, and a member of the Palestinian military intelligence. Residents say neither of the men posed any threat nor confronted the Israeli army.

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