Thursday, August 25, 2011

Israeli airstrikes kill Gazans | Gaza residents "awoke" to destruction

Israeli airstrikes kill Gazans | Video |

PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WOUNDED AND DISTRAUGHT CHILDREN Buildings in ruins - and homes reduced to heaps of concrete.

On Thursday morning Gaza residents awoke to destruction caused by overnight Israeli airstrikes that left at least four people dead and wounded around 20 others. In the northern Gaza Strip two people were killed and 10 were wounded, including women and children, when a sports facility belonging to Islamic Jihad was hit. In southern Gaza, a strike on smuggling tunnels running under the border with Egypt killed one man, and another was killed in an airstrike in Gaza City. The wounded were being treated at local hospitals. Israeli claims 14 rockets had earlier been launched from Gaza into Israel. The violence disrupts a ceasefire agreed on Monday after five days of intense cross-border violence. Travis Brecher, Reuters
Israeli airstrikes kill Gazans (1:14)

Aug 25 - Gazans awake to destruction after overnight Israeli airstrikes kill at least four people and wound around 20 others. Travis Brecher reports

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