Monday, August 22, 2011

Israel to expel political activists from Jerusalem al-Quds

PressTV - Israel to expel political activists from Jerusalem al-Quds:

Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:41AM GMT
Hanna Qassis, Press TV, Ramallah

Another Israeli scheme of ridding Jerusalem/ al Quds from its Palestinian inhabitants has been discovered by several activists.

They have revealed a dangerous Israeli scheme that it intends to implement soon aiming to expel 384 Jerusalemite political activists and public figures on grounds of their activities in Jerusalem/al-Quds

Some of the targeted activists who were summoned by Israel's intelligence said that they were threatened to be exiled from Jerusalem/al-Quds after Ramadan at the same time as the Palestinian Authority intends to move towards state recognition at the United Nations.

The targeted Palestinians of Jerusalem/al-quds were threatened to lose their Jerusalem/al Quds status and were promised never to be allowed to enter the walls of the Holy city.

Another part of the latest Israeli scheme discovered by the activists is the occupations intention to demolish more Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem/al quds, particularly, in the neighborhood of Silwan.

Most observers agree that transfer of Palestinians from Jerusalem/al-quds is a part of the systematic Israeli ethnic cleansing policy of al Quds, along with the construction of new Israeli settlement units and the demolition of Palestinian homes, among other racist policies.

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