Monday, August 1, 2011

Israel takes new measures to torture prisoners

PressTV - Israel takes new measures to torture prisoners:

Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:56PM GMT
Hanna Qassis, Press TV, al-Quds

"Israel has imposed a new parcel of measures to torture prisoners in its jails. Amongst some of the newer measures are; preventing university books to enter the prisons, serving food at the wrong time during the month of Ramadan and not allowing the prisoner congregation from praying together in prison areas.

There are approximately 6000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, considered as prisoners of war according to international laws and resolutions, therefore the new set of tortures are deemed illegal according to international laws and resolutions.

Many political analysts claim that Israel's harsh treatment of the Palestinian prisoners in its jails is a reaction to Tel Aviv's failure to achieve any progress in its prisoner swap deal with Hamas, and take out their anger on the Palestinian prisoners and their families in order to prove a political point

Several observes claimed that these new tortures were imposed on the Palestinian prisoners for several reasons, the most important being that Israel aims at breaking the will of Palestinians who defied the occupation and ended up in its jails.

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