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Gazans welcome Mubarak's trial

You will be surprised by the statement of the second man interviewed on this video, but let me remind you that we have idiots in Gaza too!
PressTV - Gazans welcome Mubarak's trial:

Thu Aug 4, 2011 7:6PM GMT
Ashraf Shannon, Press TV, Gaza

"Wednesday's live TV images of a caged and bedridden Hosni Mubarak, captivated viewers across the Middle East.

Gazans were especially interested in the trial of the ousted Egyptian president because they believe his regime played a major role in the Israeli blockade.

This powerful turning point in the Islamic Awakening held a deep meaning as Mubarak was on trial by his own people.

Most Gazans were exuberant after Mubarak was brought to trial.

Others meanwhile were torn between a desire for justice and the discomfort of seeing a once-all-powerful Arab leader treated like a common criminal.

Mubarak, who was ousted by a popular revolution back in February has been under arrest at a hospital in the Red Sea resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Palestinian factions welcomed Mubarak's trial describing it as a direct result to his actions.

For over 4 years the Egyptian regime under the leadership of Husni Mubarak kept the Rafah crossing shut ,only adding insult to injury for the besieged Gazans.

Many here consider Mubarak's trial as a major step towards lifting the Gaza blockade.

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