Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fearing Hizbollah's retaliations, Israel deploys drones in planned theft of Lebanese gas

PressTV - Israel deploys drones to protect gas fields against Hezbollah:

Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:6PM GMT
Ali Rizk, Press TV, Beirut

"Israeli media has quoted defense officials as saying that unmanned drones have been deployed to protect Israeli gas fields from possible attacks by Hezbollah.

These officials reportedly said that a decision was made to conduct surveillance and reconnaissance flights over the gas fields in the Mediterranean sea on a 24 hour basis.
This is in response to statements made by Hezbollah secretary general Sayyed Hasan Nassrallah who recently cautioned Israel against extending its arm into Lebanon territorial waters believed to contain vast reserves of oil and natural gas.
Nassrallah had also warned that any Israeli attack on Lebanese oil and gas facilities would be met with a similar attack on Israeli facilities.
These developments come after Israel demarcated what it says are its maritime borders. This demarcation was disputed by Lebanon which accused Israel of infiltrating into Lebanese territorial waters and its natural resource reserves below the seabed.

The issue has raised fears of renewed conflict but the UN representative to Lebanon Michael Williams has said that both Lebanese and Israeli officials had expressed to him their desire not to escalate the situation.

Experts also believe that a new confrontation is not likely because of developments on the regional and world stage.
Many observers also view that Israel still hasn't made the military adjustments which to enable it to successfully confront Hezbollah, which is believed to have greatly increased its military might since July 2006 when it achieved success against Israel .

The tensions between Lebanon and Israel have entered the economic sphere. And while Israel could greatly benefit economically from the natural resources in the Mediterranean, any Israeli escalation could shatter Israel's economy as a result of a potential attack on its energy facilities.

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