Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Debate on PLO status after statehood bid

[Comment] Palestinian PA officials deny the claim and say the PLO will always represent the Palestinians, but do not tell us how it can be legally done after the declaration of State, or UN full membership. In other words they deny it without any legal basis. The fact that such officials had knowledge of the legal opinion and kept it under wraps dismisses their baseless argument and raises suspicion as to their intentions. 

Debate on PLO status after statehood bid getting hot:

PressTVGlobalNews on Aug 30, 2011

A law opinion by an Oxford Law professor, Guy Goodwin Gill, was published to "identify problems potentially affecting the right of the Palestinian people to self determination and the manner by which that right can or may be exercised". The purpose of Professor Goodwin Gill's opinion is "simply to flag the manners requiring attention, if a substantial proportion of the people are not to be accidentally disenfranchised". Other legal experts, such as John Quigley, disagree with Goodwin Gill's opinion and state that Gills "opinion has no sound basis for not pursuing any of the initiatives contemplated for autumn 2011 at the United Nations. Most Palestinian legal experts have not chosen sides.

Press TV's Hanna Oassis reports from Ramallah

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