Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daily Life in Hebron: Lost Two Babies due to Closure of Shuhada Street

February 25,2011 marks 17 years since the Baruch Goldstein massacre in which a settler murdered 29 Palestinian while praying in a mosque in Hebron. As a response to this event,the army introduced a policy of separation in Hebron,which included the closure of Shuhada Street. To this day,the street remains closed to Palestinians,thus severely restricting their freedom of movement within their own city.

Palestinian residents can't have family and friends over without an Israeli military permit which is sometimes denied or takes ages to process. You will learn more from the video

This video is the second part of "Visiting Our Neighbours, produced by Hebron Voices
We published the first part earlier this month
It is an interview of a Palestinian woman living at Shohada Street in Hebron. She explains how she lost two babies as a result of the closure and delays of ambulance services due to restrictions on movements. She talks about her life in Hebron.

Interview Visiting Our Neighbours 002:

HebronVoices on Aug 27, 2011

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