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Arrests, Sound Bombs and Teargas at Al-Walaja Protest Against the Apartheid Wall 10-8-11‬‏

News on the number of those arrested vary according to sources, some estimate the arrests at more than a dozen, some say it was eleven while some said it was six arrests.
Six Detained as Army Clamps Down on Non-Violent Protestors in Al-Walaja
Source: PNN

Bethlehem – PNN - A non-violent protest at Al-Walaja near Bethlehem today resulted in six activists being detained by the Israeli Army and many others being subjected to tear gas inhalation and sound bombs. Today Israeli, Palestinian and International activists gathered at the village to protest the destruction of olive groves for the construction of the wall, which is defined as illegal under International law.The International Middle East Media Centre (IMEMC) reported that as the protesters descended on the villages olive groves, they were met by tear gas and sound bombs from the Israeli army. As the protesters retreated the army continued to pursue them subjecting them to the same treatment even as many showed clear intent to leave.It was also reported that following this, the army chased the protesters back into the village, before storming some of the homes and arresting one Palestinian; a further five Israelis were also detained.The olive groves that are being destroyed are a source of income, in some cases the only source, for Palestinians who live in Al-Walaja village.The wall, which the International Court of Justice declared illegal in 2004, often results in Palestinians land being taken for construction, or it being left on the ‘wrong side’ of the wall. Farmers then have to apply for permits to farm land that has been in their family for generations; these permits are often rejected by Israel citing ‘security concerns.’


"yisraelpnm on Aug 10, 2011

dozens of olive trees were uprooted in Walaje. and it seems many more will be uprooted.

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