Sunday, August 14, 2011

Al-Walaja 13-8-2011 - 'Apartheid wall that swallows the land; the end of life as I know it'

Al-Walaja 13-8-2011:

"justicewheels on Aug 14, 2011

On Saturday August 13, 2011, another episode of nonviolent popular resistance occurred in Al-Walaja. The Israeli army had mobilized in large numbers in anticipation of whatever we were planning. Destruction of the land is briefly halted when workers take off for the weekend (on the Sabbath). But the army must create problems and be on our land. For hours they had to watch as we worked and milled around in the lands that would be cut-off when/if the wall is built in this area to encircle the remaining homes of the new Al-Walaja. Abu Wajih's sad face and story is told in this short clip. All but two of his olive trees will be behind the wall as will the old house where his wife was born and that belongs to his family. He says he appreciates help of people regardless of their religion and background.

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