Monday, May 9, 2011

Interview: Iara Lee, Activist & filmmaker - Cultures of Resistance May 07, 2011

Lara Lee, Activist & filmmaker, Culture of Resistance-The Autograph-05-07-2011-(Part1):

"PressTVGlobalNews on May 8, 2011

In this edition of The Autograph Susan Modaress interviews documentary filmmaker and activist Lara Lee to talk about her new film called 'Cultural Resistance'.

The movie reviews the attack on the Gaza freedom flotilla in the international waters by the Israeli troops. Lara Lee who has been on that ship and she managed to portray one hour of footage of what really happened on the May 31.

[Click here to watch the smuggled video from Culture of Resistance One hour of smuggled out video - Israeli Attack on the Mavi Marmara // Raw Footage]



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