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Israeli settlement project to ruin Palestinian historical village

Israeli settlement project to ruin Palestinian historical village:

"liftasociety on Mar 18, 2011

The village of Lifta is just one kilometer NW of Jerusalem Al Quds. In 1948 some 2500 Palestinians were forced out of their village following the attack of Jewish groups who were trying to take control of the Jerusalem-Yaffa road.

Most residents of Lifta have moved to Jerusalem to escape the fighting.

This is what remains of the village of Lifta. In their opposition to settlement construction and in an effort to reclaim their land, Palestinians along with international supporters, gathered here to say that the occupation will not go unchallenged.

Following the war, Israeli settlers moved to the Village, some of them occupied the homes that once belonged to the Palestinians.

Israel recently has announced plans to build luxurious homes to settle Jewish immigrants from around the world on small pieces of lands remained of the Village.

However descendants of the fallen village have reiterated their intention to reclaim their land.
In a remarkable move Palestinians have filed a number of petitions including one with the office of the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization- the UNESCO Office in Paris and called on the organization to designate the site as a genuine Palestinian Heritage site.

With the approach of the annual observance of what Palestinians call Al Nakba Day or the Catastrophe in reference to the catastrophe that befell on them in 1948. Palestinians seem ever determined to keep the memory of Palestine and pass it on to future generations.

Several Jewish settlers stood by watching the event and seemed indifferent to Palestinian demands.

However, there were few Israelis that were among the crowd, that were voicing their support for the Palestinian cause of right of return.

The event was coordinated by an emerging popular Palestinian youth movement called 'Youth for AL QUDS, or Jerusalem' and the people of Lifta. Following the revolution in Tunisia and Egypt and the wave of popular uprising in the region, new Palestinian movements are emerging to liberate their land from the Israeli Occupation.

Source: Press TV

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