Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign & STOP MUJI Campaign in Japan

Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign & STOP MUJI Campaign in Japan:

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We are members of 'Palestine Forum Japan', a Japanese group of citizens calling for peace and justice in Palestine. On 14th November 2010, we held a campaign against the Separation Wall, human rights abuses to Palestinians and Israeli Apartheid policies. As parts of actions, we called Boycott of Israel as a solidarity action with Palestinians and collected signatures to request MUJI not to make a shop in Israel.

MUJI is scheduled to open a branch store in Israel as the first Japanese retail company to do so. As the voice for BDS campaign is increasing from Palestine and from all over the world, we must urge MUJI to halt their plan until Israel stops their apartheid policy. Let MUJI hear your voice! See more information on the website below:

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