Monday, June 16, 2008

Rachel: An American Conscience

Rachel: An American Conscience:

"Rachel: An American Conscience by Yahya Barakat From the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs: Yahya Barakat, who teaches at Al-Quds University, told The Washington Report that he began work on the documentary the instant he learned that Corrie had been crushed to death by an Israeli-driven Caterpillar bulldozer. This documentary offers rare footage of Rachel talking to a camera and describing Israeli human rights violations against a Palestinian civilian population. The film opens with grim images of dinosaur-like Caterpillar bulldozers turning urban Rafah into a garbage pile of destroyed buildings. It continues with interviews of Rachel's fellow International Solidarity Movement volunteers, and concludes with comments from her parents. ***** Learn more about Rachel Corrie life and activities There is a play of her life, which has been censored in the 'free world'."

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