Friday, April 20, 2007

From Occupation to Enclosure: Fragmenting the Palestinian State - Part 1 - Diana Buttu

Part 1 - From Occupation to Enclosure: Fragmenting the Palestinian State:
56 min - Apr 23, 2006
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"Diana Buttu is a Palestinian-Canadian lawyer. In 2000, she left North America to move to Palestine in order to assist with the then “peace” negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel as one of the PLO’s legal advisors. With the outbreak of the second Palestinian uprising against Israel’s occupation (and the breakdown of negotiations) Diana decided to remain in Palestine. She gained prominence during Israel’s invasion of the West Bank, serving as spokesperson for the PLO. Ms Buttu assisted in the litigation of Israel’s wall before the Hague in 2004 - a resounding victory for the Palestinians, and indictment of Israel’s wall. In 2005 she was appointed President Abbas’s communications director. She has since left her official posts. She now resides in Gaza where she is writing a book on the Israeli occupation. Prior to moving to Palestine in 2000, Ms Buttu also served as legal counsel to the Canadian Department of Justice. She holds law degrees from the University of Toronto and Stanford Law School. This lecture was presented at the Rachel Corrie Foundation Peace Works Conference on April 22, 2006, in Olympia, Washington ( The Israeli journalist and author, Amira Hass, was Ms. Buttu's co-presenter. This program includes a preview of Ms. Hass' presentation."

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