Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Salman Abu Sitta: The Geography of Occupation

Salman Abu Sitta: The Geography of Occupation:

"Professor Salman H. Abu-Sitta of the London-based Palestine Land Society gives a personal account of how he became a refugee in Palestine in 1948. Using data from his research, Abu-Sitta shows how over 600 Palestinian villages were systematically depopulated by the advancing Israeli forces, leaving many others dismembered by an arbitrary cease-fire line. With maps and demographic statistics, Abu-Sitta shows that, in effect, Zoinist policies were an ethnic cleasing campaign that resulted in a massive transfer of native Palestinians to the countries bordering Israel, where thousands remain within 100 miles from their original communities. Producer: Ed Sweed"

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Anonymous said...

dr salman,with all my respect

its my first time to look thru ur website , i am so proud to have such members in our society like u to clarify and defend the palestenian history ,our crises with the israely occupation and our rights of return. as the whole world including arab countries , unfortionatly, needs to be informed and educated about us.