Thursday, March 31, 2011

Palestinians rally to mark Land Day - Press TV Report from Arabeh

PressTV - Palestinians rally to mark Land Day:

Thu Mar 31, 2011 12:21AM
Rana kamal, Press TV, Arrabah

"Palestinians from all around the occupied territory wave their flags high marking the 35th anniversary of Land Day in Palestine. As they march to tribute those who lost their lives in the struggle to hold on to their land and identity, Palestinians chanted “Our soul and our blood is for Palestine”.

Land day was first marked on March 30 1967 in response to the Israeli announcement of a Plan to expropriate hundreds of acres of land for security and settlement purposes. Thousands of Palestinian demonstrated. Six Arab citizens were killed, hundreds wounded, and hundreds more arrested. Every year Palestinians march in the memory of those who scarified their lives for Palestine.

Palestinians also demonstrated Land Day in East Jerusalem AlQuds and the West bank territory. But the heart of the land day is in the north of Palestine.

We are in the Arab Israeli Town Arrabah. Thousands of Palestinians from all around the occupied territory came to commemorate Land Day in Arabah in Palestine.

Palestinians say the recent uprising and revolutions in the Arab World makes this day even more special and hopeful towards a free and independent Palestinian state.

Last year as well, acres of Land were confiscated by Israel from Palestinian land. However, Palestinians say they will continue to demonstrate and fight for the land they believe has always belonged to them.

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