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Israeli soldiers harassment of Palestinian Farmers and Bedouins continue in the Jordan Vally

Army continue to harass Palestinian farmers in the Jordan Valley
Source: International Solidarity Movement (ISM)

31 March 2011 | Jordan Valley Solidarity

Milk poured over the floor of the store room
Yaser and his family (including 8 children) have been living during the spring time in Kherbet Samra, Jordan Valley, since 2006. At 8.30 pm yesterday evening the Israeli army came to his home claiming to be looking for terrorists from Nablus who they said they knew were staying with him. Despite his insistence that only his family were there, they made everyone leave the tents and requested to see the ID papers of all of the family, including his terrified young children.

On the request of the army the family produced their IDs. All the IDs showed that they were related and none of the IDs produced were Nablus IDs. The army refused to say why they believed that people from Nablus were staying with the family. For some time the family were made to stand while the army decided what to do.

The army then claimed that they believed that the family were hiding guns in their tents. They made their way straight to where the children slept and ransacked their tent emptying all the clothes onto the floor. After failing to find any guns they went to the milk store and poured the contents of the milk vessels onto the floor and mixed it with sugar.

Yaser and his family keep goats. They use their milk to drink, to make cheese for them to eat and then sell what is left in Hebron. The milk from the family’s goats is their only form of income. That morning all of the goats had been milked and their full store (60 litres) was destroyed. At no point did the army show any documents which proved the search was legal as well as speaking in Hebrew the whole time so that the family were unable to understand what was happening. After destroying the families livelihood they left. In total the army remained at the family’s home for one and a half hours whilst the family were made to watch as their home was turned upside down and their way of generating income to support them destroyed. This is just one case of harassment of local Palestinian farmers in the Jordan Valley by the Israeli army. The constant harassment is part of a deliberate policy to make life so difficult for Palestinian families that they leave the valley, whilst at the same time the Israeli state continues to build new settlement homes for Israeli citizens to expand their agricultural development. This colonisation of the valley by Israel is destroying the lives of Palestinians that have lived here for generations.

[Israeli Soldiers search a Bedouin home in Khirbet Samra-31/03/2011]
Soldados de Israel allanan hogar beduino en Khirbet Samra-31/03/2011:

"mariastango on Mar 31, 2011

Un jeep con soldados de Israel, invadió ayer por la noche el hogar de Yaser, en Khirbat Samra, Valle del Jordán, aduciendo que allí se escondían terroristas y armas. Los soldados revolvieron todo y además derramaron 60 litros de leche que la familia tenía preparada para hacer quesos y el azúcar que almacenaban.

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