Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Yorkers protest Gaza blockade

PressTV - New Yorkers protest Gaza blockade:

Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:56AM
Ehab Zahriyeh, Press TV, New York

"The freezing cold weather did not keep away hundreds of New Yorkers from taking to the street to speak out against Israeli aggression on Palestinians.

This protest is to mark the 2nd anniversary of Operation Cast Lead, Israel's most-recent all-out war on Gaza which left at least 1400 Palestinians, mainly women and children.

Protesters want to bring to attention the illegal Israeli blockade on Gaza that began long before Hamas took office after winning the Palestinian elections.

The war has taken a heavy physical, emotional and mental toll on the people of Gaza. As a result , many still need professional help to come to terms with the war.

Palestinian men have been hit especially hard. Many of them have spent the last two years struggling to find work under the blockade and the horrors of the war have made things harder and more traumatic.

Malsin is an American and is Ma'an News Agency's former chief editor until Israel barred him from entering the occupied territories. He has just returned from Gaza.

Israel suffered from international criticism because of its last war on Gaza but the Israeli leadership did not learn anything from the former leadership experience. The siege continued around Gaza and Israel went into confrontations with other actors in the region such as Turkey.

Protesters and activists say their efforts won't stop here. They promise to keep applying pressure on Israel and their US government to bring Justice to Palestine.

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