Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Yorkers pray for Gaza victims

PressTV - New Yorkers pray for Gaza victims:

Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:16AM
Ehab Zahriyeh, Press TV, New York

"For the first time ever, the largest church in New York had a special prayer for the people of Palestine.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral is a historical landmark, drawing tourists from all over the world. Today it was for the Gazans killed and wounded during the Israeli war on the strip two years ago.

Pastor Khader El-Yateem is a Palestinian-American from Bethlehem and is urging everyone to pray for the people of Gaza and the rest of Palestine

With large numbers of Christians leaving the Middle East, the Clergy today had another message for the ones that are left: stay put and be Patient.

The prayer service had a somber feel to it as worshippers prayed for peace and justice for Palestinians of all faiths.

The Gaza strip remains besieged with little food and medical supplies allowed in, and almost no access to the outside world.

Bethlehem is the city Jesus was born in, but remains under Israeli occupation and divided from Jerusalem by an apartheid wall.

You can also see the video as posted on YouTube

Prayer for Gazans:

"PressTVGlobalNews | January 12, 2011

In a symbolic gesture, New York's largest church has held a prayer service for the Palestinian victims of Israeli war on Gaza.

Press TV's Ehab Zahriyeh reports from New York.

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