Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Asian aid convoy activists hold presser in India

PressTV - Asian aid convoy activists hold presser in India:

Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:17PM
Sanjay Sethi, Press TV, New Delh

"Activists from the Asian aid convoy -dubbed Asia 1 - who have returned from Gaza shared their experience at a press conference in New Delhi.

The convoy left India in November and traveled through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Lebanon. It was forced to remain in Syria for a week, awaiting Cairo's authorization to dock at its northeastern port of el-Arish.

About 120 activists were allowed to enter Gaza, but Egypt denied visas to Iranians and some Jordanians.

They were also chased by Israeli warships in the Mediterranean Sea and held hostage in a cargo ship off Egypt without passports. The convoy members was warmly received in Iran on their way back from Gaza.

Another aid convoy has been planed to leave for Gaza in May. The seaside enclave has been under a full land, aerial and naval Israeli blockade since 2007, when Hamas took control of the territory.

The activists had taken life-saving medical equipment, food items, clothes and other aid worth $1 million.

Four out of five of the territory's 1.5 million residents rely on foreign aid and unemployment remains at about 40 percent, one of the highest rates in the world.

You can also see the video as posted on YouTube
Gaza Press Conference:

"PressTVGlobalNews | January 11, 2011

Members of the first Asian aid convoy to Gaza have shared their experiences with the public at a news conference in New Delhi.

Press TV's Sanjay Sethi reports from New Delhi.

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