Monday, January 17, 2011

Gaza Must Be Rebuilt - Gaza confab discusses rebuilding efforts

PressTV - Gaza confab discusses rebuilding efforts:

"Dozens of experts and specialists attended an international conference in Gaza to discuss means of rebuilding the war battered territory two year after the Israeli war reduced large parts of it to rubble.

The 22-day war that largely singled out residential neighborhoods, destroyed thousands of homes, hundreds of factories and 80 official buildings in the strip.

Addressing the conference Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said that his government will soon launch a reconstruction project using available funds.
But that may sound a little too optimistic as Israel still allowed a limited amount of construction material to enter the territory.

Former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark who visited Gaza earlier this month, told the audience via a recorded video message that Gaza must be rebuilt.

And the Hamas ministry of public works says that politicizing the rebuilding process is preventing money form reaching Gaza.
In an international donors' conference for the reconstruction of Gaza held in Egypt in March 2009 4.5 billion U.S. dollars was raised but up until now none of that money has been forthcoming.

Almost seven months after Israel eased its Gaza blockade under international pressure following the attack on the Freedom Flotilla only a few reconstruction projects run by the UN receive required materials.
A report issued by the UN late last year said at the current rate it would take decades to carry out its housing and schools projects in the strip.

Experts believe Gazans will not be able to rebuild their houses unless the int'l community urges Israel to fully lift the blockade and allow construction materials into the coastal enclave.

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