Friday, December 10, 2010

Bread shortage worsens in Gaza

PressTV - Bread shortage worsens in Gaza:

"Ashraf Shannon, Press TV, Gaza

Shortage of wheat and other grains in Gaza has forced residents to queue at bakeries to buy bread. This comes as Israel has lately decided to reduce working days at one of the commercial crossing points with Gaza.

Israel reduced the working time to two days per week at Karni commercial crossing point, used for allowing wheat and fodder into the enclave.

Bakeries are currently working at half their capacity and with no flour reserves.

Israel allowed a limited shipment of wheat on Wednesday but the Bakery Owners Association warned that bakers would soon run out of flour.

Currently Israel allows in 1,200 tons of wheat per week, while Gazans need more than four times that amount.

The reduced supply of grains has also forced flour mills in Gaza to cut down their working hours.

This comes not long after a report by an Israeli human rights group revealed Tel Aviv's deliberate policy of near-starvation for Gaza.

International activists say such restrictions are proof that the blockade is still in place and that the ease was just a superficial one.

A report recently published by 22 aid agencies found little improvement in Gaza since Israel eased the blockade following the international outcry over the flotilla attack.

Israel has been under international pressure to fully reopen its commercial crossings with the Gaza strip ever since it launched a deadly attack on the aid flotilla in May. But despite easing of the blockade, staples such as wheat are still in short supply in Gaza.

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PressTV - Bread shortage worsens in Gaza:

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