Friday, December 10, 2010

Discrimination 'plagues' Arab Israeli students

Although the report hardly skims the surface of discrimination within the educational institutions in Israel, it will give you a faint idea of what it is like to be in one of the universities (and cities) most bragged about by Israel as one of coexistence within the zionist state.

Segregation is the rule in Israel, not the exception, especially in the educational system, where lower schools are fully and completely segregated. Schools for Palestinian natives and schools for Jews. Even segregation against black Jews who have their break set by the school at a different hour than white (or "colored" Jews in some schools.

But no one is discriminated against as much as the Palestinian students citizens of Israel.
From Budgets as low as one-fourth of the budget for Jewish schools, to training programs, grants for Jewish students not accessible to Palestinian Students, to housing and dorms which is slightly touched upon in the report.

Discrimination 'plagues' Arab Israeli students:

"AlJazeeraEnglish | December 10, 2010

Palestinian students of Israel's Haifa University have stepped up complaints of discrimination as student government elections got underway.

The minority group says they are under-represented in the college's student union and do not have the same rights as their fellow Jewish peers.

Sherine Tadros reports from Haifa University.

[December 10, 2010]

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