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Gaza protesters 100m from israeli border on Balfour anniversary 2/11/2010:

2/11/2010: Gaza protesters 100m from israeli border on Balfour anniversary: "freepalestineee | November 03, 2010

2 November 1917
2 November 2010

Local volunteers from the Local Initiative group from Beit Hanoun and activists from the International Solidarity Movement march into the 'Buffer Zone' at the Israel Erez border. The protest was on the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, the first attempt by the then British Occupiers to legitimize the possibility of an Israeli State within Palestine despite the fact that over 90% of the population at the time were Palestinian Arabs with no interest in an Israeli State being placed on top of them. The ramifications contributed to the rise of Zionism which sought to expel Palestinian Arabs from historic Palestine in order to create a Jewish only homeland. As Israeli Historian Ilan Pappe has described in detail, the ethnic cleansing and severe oppression of Palestinians was an inevitable consequence of the aims of this movement, against international law and the evident human rights of the local population who presently continue to suffer the devastating consequences.

International Solidarity Movement:

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