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Activists Protest Hebron Fund's Annual Fundraiser in NYC_11.16.10

Activists Protest Hebron Fund's Annual Fundraiser in NYC_11.16.10_video1.mp4:

"Mulattia | November 17, 2010

NOVEMBER, 16th, 2010. A slew of activists turned out Tuesday evening at Chelsea Piers, on the corner of the west side highway and 23rd street in New York City, to protest the Hebron Fund's Anual Fundraiser. The Hebron Fund raises money for the illegal Jewish settlement, Hebron, in the West Bank. The West Bank and Gaza are what is left of Palestine and are known as the 'Occupied Territories of Palestine'. Under International Law, UN Resolution 242, Israel was mandtaed to withdraw it's miltary forces and de-occupy Gaza and the West Bank. That was in 1967. Israel has yet to comply with this law.

What made this year's Hebron Fund fundraiser especially ugly was the title 'The Hebron Aid Flotilla Fundraiser' -- an apparent mocking of the humanitarian aid flotillas which have attempted to bring food and medicine to the 1.5 million people of Gaza who live in an open air prison -- blockaded in on all fronts (land, sea and air) by the Israeli army. One of the ships in the most recent flotilla, the Mavi Marmara, was attacked by the Israeli navy on May 31st in international waters, resulting in the deaths of 9 peace activists. Apparently the words 'peace activist' translate to 'terrorist' in Hebrew.

Many people don't know what the word 'settlement' means in the context of the Palestine/ Israel conflict. I know I didn't until 3 months ago. Basically, extremists Jews, with the help of the Israeli army, are effectively colonizing what is the left of Palestine -- called the West Bank. The army goes in and bulldozes Palestinian homes and lands in the West Bank, clearing the way for extremist Jews to build homes. These homes grouped together become gated communities and are guarded by the Israeli army. This is a settlement, and the extremists that inhabit them are called settlers. What was not taken from the Palestinians in 1948 is slowly being colonized by Israel, the Israeli army, and the settlers.

We would like very much if the Hebron Fund would stop sending money to the Hebron settlement -- which by the way is illegal as are all settlements, under International Law. Hebron is called al-Khalil in Arabic.

Demo against The Hebron Fund, Nov 16, 2010 on Vimeo:

"Cinema Palestina

Demo against The Hebron Fund, Nov 16, 2010 from Cinema Palestina on Vimeo.

Mulattia | November 17, 2010

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