Sunday, July 25, 2010

Liverpool socialist singers Protest At Johnny Rotten's PIL Concert

From the protest at Johnny Rotten’s PiL concert O2 Academy

Johnny Rotten-Boycott Israel!:

wildcrazychick69 | July 25, 2010

Liverpool Friends of Palestine picket of the PIL concert at the 02 academy featuring the Liverpool socialist singers.

John Lydon plans to play in Tel Aviv on August 31. Don't cross an international picket line!

However, Lydon further made a racist statement justifying all atrocities and war crimes against Palestinians when he said:

"I won't understand how anyone can have a problem with how they're treated"

It is now clear he stands with the racist, apartheid regime of Israel. The aging Mickey Mouse 'punk rocker' sold out to capitalism.

God Save Jenin, from a fascist regime!


Boycott Song:

To help the people of Palestine
we won't buy grapefruit or Israeli wine
And if you're wondering
what you can do:
please join the boycott
and help them too!

Don't buy dates
Don't buy Jaffa fruit
Don't buy Israeli wine
There's a boycott going on!
There's a boycott going on

No John No Don't Go

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