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IDF Attacks Anti Settlement Protesters

IDF Attacks Anti Settlement Protesters:

"filkaler | July 25, 2010

IDF troops clashed with anti-settlement protesters in the West Bank village of Bait Ummar with soldiers using stun grenades and teargas to disperse the peaceful demonstration.
The rally started off calmly with Palestinian farmers, internationals and Israelis activists protesting against the ongoing land confiscations by a nearby Israeli settlement of Karmit Tzur. Trouble flared when the protest was blocked by the Israeli military border police, who used riot control munitions to force the crowd back.
Bait Ummar, Palestine. 24/07/10

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Israeli forces disperse Beit Ummar rally, several injured
Published Saturday 24/07/2010 (updated) 24/07/2010 20:30

Hebron – Ma'an – Israeli soldiers forcibly dispersed a rally against settlement expansion in Beit Ummar village in the southern West Bank district of Hebron, participants said.

Palestine Solidarity Project spokesman Muhammad Ayyad Awad said Israeli soldiers and border guards fired tear-gas canisters and stun grenades at demonstrators as they rallied against further construction of the nearby Karmi Zur settlement.

Awwad further said a 21-year-old British national sustained bruises to the head and back after being hit by a tear-gas canister and stun grenade, adding that she was taken to hospital for treatment.

The spokesman added that Palestinian journalist Najih Hashlamoun fainted after being hit in the back with a tear-gas canister and that several suffered tear-gas inhalation.

Khader Zeidan, 65, was hospitalized after inhaling tear gas, Awwad added.

An Israeli military spokesman said he was not familiar with injuries, adding that Israeli forces deployed riot-dispersal means after rocks were hurled at them.

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