Friday, April 16, 2010

Al-Ma'sara on Prisoners' day

Al-Ma'sara on Prisoners' day

justicewheels April 16, 2010 — Today, we had demonstrations in a number of locations. In Al-Walaja, the events went out of hand after the demonstration ended and the Israeli army went a bit overboard. The demonstration in Al-Ma'asara went beautifully even though the night before the Israeli army came in at 1 AM to raid and scare the family of Mohammed and Hassan Breijiya (their brother is in an Israeli jail). The demonstration was joined by scouts from Sur Baher and other areas in East Jerusalem. It was a chance to honor families of prisoners and remember all the political prisoners. It was a chance to remember martyrs like our friend Bassem Abu Rahma who was murdered one year ago in a nonviolent demonstration in Bi'lin. On this anniversary this amazing video is produced: Bassem Abu Rahma - A Friend To Us All (عربي) (עברית) (English) (Français)
(the Israeli military recently said that they found no reason to investigate the killing as a wrong-doing)

Here is a video of Al-Ma'asara demonstration today.

The demonstrations today in many locations were also wa chance to denounce the renewal of the illegal orders that would make 70,000 Palestinians in the West Bank to be considered by the fascist Israeli laws as "infiltrators" in their own country. These orders are ofcourse a violation of International and humanitarian laws. Abbie Lipschutz, who volunteered in the Israel 1948 war, wrote to me: "Those deportation orders are Nazi orders. At least there is a wave of protests by Israelis. I hope and think the orders can be cancelled. But with that fascist Netanyahu in charge, we can expect anything. By euphemisms and subterfuge, AND official acts he is trying to foreclose ANY peace agreement. He tries to ethnically cleanse the occupied West bank so that he can replace the deported Palestinians with Hebrew Talibans."

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