Friday, April 16, 2010

We Shall Not Leave - 46 Sleepless Gaza Jerusalem

46 Sleepless Gaza Jerusalem.divx

SleeplessinGaza April 15, 2010 — April 15, 2010: Day 46: Ashira goes to an area in Anata where homes and lands of Palestinians are "horseshoe" surrounded by Israeli military basis and settlements. The Israeli military commander visits the families often with one message: sell your home or land because we are throwing you out of them any way! The families living there for hundreds of years are not allowed to build, expand or even renovate their homes. They have been issued home demolition warrants and one woman is summoned at a military court! The Palestinians have one answer to the message: We are not leaving. In Gaza Nagham visit the ex-settlement the Israelis abandoned when they pulled out of Gaza. It is now a public park for Gazans and Nagham doesn't miss out on whatever play she finds there.

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