Sunday, July 31, 2011

US congressional candidates, the zionist lobby and the “I love Israel more" card

PressTV - Zionist regime backs pro-Israel US congressional candidates:

Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:7AM GMT
Gary Anthony Ramsay, Press TV, New York

"Voters here will decide in seven weeks who will replace NY Congressman Anthony Weiner who resigned in disgrace after a lewd texting scandal.

At first the two candidates appeared to focus on honesty and integrity but now both men have pulled out their “I love Israel cards”

David Weprin a Democrat.. Is opposing President Obama on Israeli foreign policy specifically Obama's call for Israel to honor 1967 pre war borders.

He is an orthodox Jew and has picked the endorsement of Jewish Senator Joe Lieberman. On the other side is Republican Bob Turner. He is not Jewish but addition to his own Obama bashing.

He has also declared his support for a strong Israel in the Middle east. Turner has also pick up endorsements and donations from high profile Jewish leaders.

International human right lawyer Lamis Jamal Deek says this race is an example of the power and reach of Israel and the Israeli lobbing arm AIPAC on US politics.

AIPAC donates billions of dollars to election campaigns every year.. to Democrats and republican. The groups also funds intellectual think tanks like the Brookings institute where Presidents including Barack Obama have sought counsel on foreign and domestic issues. To win in the ninth district you have to win the Jewish vote.

The Jewish representation in the 9th Congressional district is not like others in the country. About one third of this district of more than 600 thousand people is made up of Jews compared to the U.S . population of 300 million people where only 2 percent are Jewish.

While some see AIPAC's role on both parties as a healthy Deek its not only excessive, its dangerous.

Special elections usually draw little attention in the U.S. and fewer people come out to vote. But given the current gridlock of D.C. politics … Every seat counts…. and this election could not only help decide how Middle east policy is molded but also whose fingers are in the clay.

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