Thursday, July 21, 2011

‪TIAA-CREF JULY 19, 2011 BDS Protest, Charlotte, NC.‬‏

‪TIAA-CREF JULY 19, 2011 BDS Protest, Charlotte, NC.‬‏:

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Barbara Harvey speaking at a Jewish Voice for Peace and '' protest in Charlotte, NC outside TIAA-CREF offices.
'As a TIAA-CREF client, I have a personal stake in the company's financial success. I am flying to Charlotte for the CREF meeting from my home in Detroit to emphasize how deeply distressed I am — along with the thousands of other TIAA-CREF participants who have joined our campaign — that TIAA-CREF compels me to retire in part on its profits from companies that continue to rob the Palestinian people of their ancestral homes, land, water, freedom, and happiness. We don't ask TIAA-CREF to divest from the Israeli Occupation at a financial loss, but rather to look to more honorable equivalent investments, that do not seek profits from serious human rights abuses.'
Barbara Harvey.

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