Friday, July 22, 2011

Riverdance: "Don't dance for Israeli Apartheid" protest, Dublin 21-07-2011‬‏

‪Riverdance: "Don't dance for Israeli Apartheid" protest, Dublin 21-07-2011‬‏:

"planxtysumoud on Jul 22, 2011

This second protest against Riverdance outside Dublin's Gaiety Theatre was called to highlight the shameful fact that Riverdance is scheduled to tour Israel this September. Speaking about the protest, composer and IPSC Cultural Boycott Officer Dr. Raymond Deane said: 'Riverdance is often seen as a cultural ambassador for Ireland, a role that entails great responsibility. The Irish people have repeatedly shown that they passionately support Palestinian rights. By touring Israel next September in defiance of the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of Apartheid Israel, Riverdance is simultaneously betraying the Palestinians and misrepresenting the Irish people.' Irish artist Robert Ballagh, who designed the sets for Riverdance, wrote an open letter to Riverdance's producers earlier this year in which he stated: 'I am disappointed to learn of the decision to perform the show in Israel at this time. Because I have signed up to support the cultural boycott of Israel, I will not be travelling there with Riverdance, and I have decided to donate any royalties due to me for performances in Israel to the fund for the Irish Ship To Gaza.'

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