Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nonviolent Cultural Resistance - Jerusalem Al-Quds hosts cultural festival

PressTV - Al-Quds hosts cultural festival:

Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:11PM GMT
Ibrahim Husseini, Press TV, al-Quds

"The Jerusalem Al Quds festival which kicked off on the 20th of July seems to have injected, even energized the city with much needed cultural life. City residents are describing the performances as outstanding.

The Jerusalem Arabic Music Ensemble presented on Saturday evening their musical program 'Mawtini' which translates to 'My homeland'. The ensemble played a collection of national songs that were composed by Arab poets and composers.

The 17th Jerusalem Al-quds Festival is featuring music, literature, art exhibitions, children's activities and more. The organizers say the festival is meant to bring quality entertainment to both Palestinians and international residents alike and to assert the Palestinian identity of the city'

A mural depicting the cultural life in Jerusalem Al Quds was especially painted for the 2011 festival.

Another item in the festival that is proving to be popular is the Egyptian film nights. The Yabous Cultural center, the organizing body of the festival decided to screen a collection of Egyptian films to celebrate Egypt's revolution and to highlight the common dreams of the Egyptian and Palestinian people.

Ahmad Dari's 'Reflections' an Arabic calligraphy exhibition is also a popular item. Reflections is on exhibit at the Yabous cultural center, for the duration of the festival.

Literary readings and discussion panels are also part of the 2011 Al Quds festival. Discussions focus on the reality of the culture in the city, the external and internal obstacles facing the cultural scene in the city.

Many Palestinians describe culture and cultural events like the Jerusalem Al Quds festival as an effective means to confront the Israeli occupation and to counter the Israeli claims on the city.

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