Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gaza's blockade: Is this the turning point?-Remember Palestine-07-09-2011‬‏

Gaza's blockade: Is this the turning point?-Remember Palestine-07-09-2011‬‏:

"PressTVGlobalNews on Jul 10, 2011

In this edition of the show, the main focus is on the efforts of the second Freedom Flotilla that has been barred from setting sail to Gaza by Greece.

The Israeli peace activist, Adam Keller, on the phone from Tel Aviv, talks about the Israeli police's crackdown on five pro-Palestinian peace activists who managed to arrive at Ben Gurion Airport. Next up is Yousef al-Helou's report on the people of Gaza's reaction to Greece's decision not to permit the flotilla to set sail for Gaza. Press TV correspondent, Hassan Ghani is the studio guest. He talks about the absurd measures the Greek authorities imposed on the ships to prevent them from sailing to Gaza. The activist, Chris Den Hund reports on the sit-in in Paris in protest to the French authorities preventing pro-Palestinian peace activists from flying to Gaza.

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