Friday, May 20, 2011

Suffocation of protesters and burning farmers field - Bilin Weekly Demo 20.05.2011

Israel uses various types of teargas , some even poisonous as has been seen in the past. It has been several weeks that israel has been burning fields (and olive trees) at demonstrations in various parts of the west bank by using high velocity gas canisters, which ignite the surrounding dry grass upon friction with stones in the fields.

Bilin Weekly Demo 20.05.2011 By

"haithmkatib on May 20, 2011

20.05.2011....Today in Bil'in, the Israeli Occupation Forces shot several rounds of tear gas and these sound bombs - which have a different color than the usual ones - at the protesters and at the fields. Due to the heat, several dunums of land caught fire. While protesters were trying to put out the spreading fires, the army shot more sound bombs, further spreading the fire, and tear gas canisters straight at their heads.

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