Saturday, May 7, 2011

Peace Activists Take FBI Witch Hunt to May Day Parade

Peace Activists Take FBI Witch Hunt to May Day Parade:

"UpTakeVideo on May 5, 2011

Peace activists targeted by the FBI raids on September 24, 2010 and their friends joined thousands in the annual May Day Parade last Sunday as the first group in the Free Speech Zone. They parodied the FBI raids with an FBI puppet and a covey of witches. This parade brings out marchers on stilts, oversize puppets, loud bands, politicians and lots of wild costumes. The nine Minnesotans are joined with 14 others, mostly from Chicago all of whom have been subpoenaed at various times to report to the Federal Grand Jury in Chicago. All 23 have refused to appear and they are awaiting further action. A number of those targeted have children and they have been forced to work out temporary custody arrangements. Patrick Fitzgerald, the US Attorney in Chicago has also refused joint legal representation so each of the targets have had to employ their own attorney.

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