Thursday, April 28, 2011

PressTV - Hamas, Fatah sign Palestinian unity accord

PressTV - Hamas, Fatah sign Palestinian unity accord:

Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:19PM
Ehab Zahriyeh, Press TV, Cairo

"Following a series of meetings mediated by Egyptian hosts, Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah have reached an 'understanding' to set up a transitional unity government and hold elections.

Of significant importance is the move by the two factions to set a date for elections after years of political disagreement.

Since Hamas swept parliamentary elections in early 2006, and took over control of Gaza in 2007, the two rivals have been at complete odds.

Currently Hamas still controls the besieged Gaza Strip while Fateh is in control of the West Bank.

Hamas officials say uniting with Fateh would not take away the avenue of resistance.

The unity agreement is not going down well in Israel. Tel Aviv says they won't recognize any government that includes Hamas.

The two factions may differ on dealing with Israel, but they have stressed that these talks are about Palestinian unity, not Israel.

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