Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daily life in Gaza: 6 hours of power supply before the 12 hour power cut

PressTV - Gazans suffering from frequent power cuts:

Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:55PM
Ashraf Shannon, Press TV, Gaza

"Blackouts of up to twelve hours have once again become part of life in Gaza since Tuesday night, as Israel doesn't allow power lines to be repaired.

Residents have access to electricity for only six hours before a twelve-hour power outage.

This has disrupted life in the coastal enclave in a big way.

Blackouts of twelve hours a day in many parts of the impoverished territory, are affecting the provision of essential services, including water supplies, medical treatment and even sewage disposal.

In residential buildings, electrical water pumps cannot provide enough water, so people have no choice but to buy water from vendors.

Israel says the presence of repair crews poses a security risk. Human rights groups have dismissed the claim as a lame excuse.

Power outages have made life more difficult under the blockade, and supplies of cooking gas, diesel and gasoline are unpredictable even at the best of times.

Gazans are now highly dependent on small and noisy electric generators to go on with their daily lives. Israel used to supply about 70 percent of Gaza's power and Egypt provided only five percent, with the remainder from Gaza' power plant.

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