Friday, April 8, 2011

Presentation: U. S. & Israel: Settler Colonialism, Militarism and Empire

Presentation: U. S. & Israel: Settler Colonialism, Militarism and Empire:

"peaceedcenter on Apr 4, 2011

Jimmy Johnson Neged Neshek ('Without Arms' in Hebrew) gave this talk at Michigan State University on March 28, 2011. Johnson's website http://www.negedneshek, is a product of his work and research primarily conducted while part of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions As described by the event organizers - MSU Students for Social & Economic Justice, Johnson's presentation touches on the following: (1) the United States and Israel share histories as European settler-colonial societies as well as having heavily militarized societies and economies; (2) the existing structures that continue to inform policies through the present including the role Israel plays in U.S. empire; and (3) a special focus on how the Palestinian-Israeli 'non-border' and the Mexico-U.S. 'hyperborder' produce tools towards the militarization and securitization of each other.

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