Friday, April 8, 2011

Israeli strikes kill Palestinians in Gaza

PressTV - Israeli strikes kill Palestinians in Gaza:

Fri Apr 8, 2011 10:16PM
Safa Joudeh, Press TV, Gaza

"On Friday morning, the Gaza Strip woke up to Israeli air strikes that targeted the southern city of Rafah. Throughout the day a barrage of mortar fire and missiles over the territory led to the death of six people, bringing the total number of Palestinians killed in less than 48 hours to 11. Over 45 were also wounded, many of them children.

The Ministry of Health's Ambulance and Emergency Committee held a press conference in Gaza's Shifa hospital on Friday afternoon

Gazans took to the streets after the Friday prayer in a mass funeral procession carrying the dead to the cemetery. As they laid them to rest family members were eager for people to know that their loved ones were unarmed when targeted by Israel.

On Thursday evening the Hamas Government called on all factions in Gaza to declare a unilateral ceasefire with Israel, to prevent further attacks on the unarmed civilian population of Gaza.

The series of Israeli strikes come on the same day as talks between acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas and Egyptian officials, paving the way for direct reconciliation talks between Fatah and Hamas. Israel has previously expressed its opposition to Palestinian unity.

Palestinian factions have called on international organizations to urge Israel to halt attacks on Gaza.

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