Saturday, April 2, 2011

BDS - University of Johannesburg cuts ties with Israeli college

PressTV - University of Johannesburg cuts ties with Israeli college:

Fri Apr 1, 2011 10:48PM
Hassen Seria, Press TV, Cape Town

"Away from the traditional means of expressing condemnation of Israel's occupation of Palestine, the University of Johannesburg has now moved to sever its relationship with Israeli Ben-Gurion University.

The decision follows a call by members of the South African university's senate, which included Jewish academics.

The university says the matter was put to the vote after a 'spirited' debate by its senate...

The cooperative agreement with Ben Gurion University was established during South Africa's apartheid era and so was inherited by the University of Johannesburg.

A further investigation by the local institution found 'significant' evidence that the Israeli university has programmes which actively support the Zionist military, in particular in its occupation of Gaza.

house campaigning for the boycott say it's a landmark moment.

Ben-Gurion University, however, threatened that it's only South Africans who will be hurt by the decision. But the University of Johannesburg described this as scare-mongering and said the move would not debilitate its research agenda.

While the University of Johannesburg says its decision is not based on politics but what is in the institution's best interest, over 400 South African academics, including anti-Apartheid veteran Desmond Tutu have already signed a petition condemning the Zionist entity.

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