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Women United in the Intifada - Turning back the Empire

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Women United in the Intifada [inminds.com]:

"inminds on Mar 20, 2011

Women United in the Intifada is the third of a series of events initiated by Sons of Malcolm and friends which salutes the 10th anniversary of the eruption of the Second/Al-Aqsa Intifada in September 2000.

The first in this series was on October 2nd with 300 people in attendance discussing Solidarity and Internationalism with the strategic approach of 'we will not liberate Palestine, Palestine is liberating us'. The second in the series was on November 6 at the Venezuelan Embassy entitled 'Outbreak of the Intifada: Turning back the Empire', which explored how the Intifada was the first big offensive which has led to the on-going demise of empire. This meeting received a a lot of opposition from the zionists in their press as this event represented the growing unity of anti-imperialist and Third Worldist forces in the midst of the empire: London. Despite the protests of the zionists, the meeting was a great success with 100 people in attendance.

This third event, which is jointly organised by a network of media and cultural activists (including Team Fight The Oppression (Team FTO), Lizzie's Liberation, Straight Talk, Beat Knowledge and other individuals and groups) entitled Women United in the Intifada, seeks to learn, explore and give full respect to all the female strugglers and martyrs in the Intifada. The main approach to this question is stressing that unity is paramount between those from different political factions, traditions and outlooks; that the Intifada showed Palestinian women and girls united, and that unity was one of the primary strengths of the Intifada.

Full report:

# 00:00:00 Lizzie Cocker - Opening speech
# 00:07:18 Ewa Jasiewcz - 'Women in Gaza'
# 00:14:58 Ewa Jasiewcz - Question & Answers
# 00:29:35 Lizzie Cocker - Introduces Panel
# 00:31:24 Alaa Kassim - 'Leila Khaled'
# 00:36:10 Yvonne Ridley - 'Islamist Women'
# 00:46:10 Isis Amlak - 'Overcoming challenges of division for internationalism and the Palestinian solidarity movement'
# 00:54:32 Sukant Chandan - 'Imperialist inspired divisions with in Palestinian politics in relation to women'
# 01:10:23 Ramzy Baroud - 'Women of the Intifada'
# 01:26:08 Question & Answer Session

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Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog. Activist and Other Videos on Palestine

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